Lisa and Micah’s Traveling Mishaps – Lost on the Eastside?

I thought I’d start blogging about the unfortunate, but oh so common traveling misadventures that Micah and I cannot seem to avoid.  Here I go:

Before I begin, I have to state that Micah and I live in Bellevue/Issaquah – so we are eastsiders by definition…which sort of makes this adventure even more pathetic. 

1. My car needed new brakes, so I take it to a place in Issaquah.  (Tangent: not only did I need new brakes, but new rotors, oil change, some fuel cleaning something or other, and my tires rotated.  All of this totaled just under $700-yay!)
2. We drop my car off in the morning and take an Issaquah bus into work – a bus we are not familiar with, but we can figure out the bus system right?
3. We are on our way home, it’s rainy, so we decide to be smart and get off at the closest bus stop to the car place.

Begin misadventure here:
1. We didn’t realize that the bus doesn’t have another stop in Issaquah.  Next stop for us is Snoqualmie. Great. Not far if you have your own car, but quite far if you are completely reliant on public transportation.
2. We decide to get off at some random stop and cross the street to wait for a bus to pick us up – but going back to Issaquah.
3. I call Metro and a very helpful lady proceeds to tell me that there is no bus that picks up at the stop where we are during the evening. Yay.
4. She tells us where to walk to get to the nearest bus stop where we can catch something going back to Issaquah. Only problem – we walk at least a half mile (uphill and in work shoes) before she realizes she has us going in the wrong direction.
5. We quickly grab some dinner (Georgio’s Subs – blah!) and eat and walk in the right direction.
(Important things to note: it’s getting dark and there are slugs all over the ground – yuck!)
(Another important thing to note: You might ask “Why don’t you call a cab?” Well, we thought of it, but we figured it was just a little bit longer so we decided to just keep trucking along.)
6. We are walking for a long time – and it’s getting super dark now, and at times, there’s no sidewalk – just the bike lane. But we eventually manage to find the bus stop we are looking for.
7. Here’s where Metro lady comes back into the picture.  She told us the bus would pick us up at 7:51pm.  True, but going the wrong way!
8. So we catch the bus going the wrong way so we at least would be in the city (North Bend) and can catch a cab from there. We concede defeat right?
9. Ha! We ride into North Bend, and call for a cab.  Nope, no cabs on the eastside.  Sorry – it’s too far out there for anyone to come pick us up.
9. We are left to wait an hour for the next bus (which happens to be the last bus of the night – so there’s no second chances here).
10. yay, we finally catch the bus home -which takes an hour, but at least we are back in Issaquah – at the precise location we SHOULD have originally gotten off at.  Just a short walk to pick up my car.

Pretty much the only smart thing we did the entire night was call the repair place before they closed and paid for my repairs over the phone.  They hid my keys, so we at least could get my car back.

In total, it was a 4 hour detour, miles of walking in uncomfortable shoes, and a lousy dinner. Not to mention the $700 spent on my car. But it did give me this story.

1 Response to “Lisa and Micah’s Traveling Mishaps – Lost on the Eastside?”

  1. 1 Brian September 30, 2008 at 3:15 am

    Your retarded… why didn’t you just call me for a ride. P.S. hilarious story sis.

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