Year In Review: L.A. Unconfidential

Oops – this trip actually happened at the end of May – which means this posting is out of order. But really – it doesn’t matter, plus I can’t do anything about it.

L.A. Trip:  Last weekend in May 2008

Here’s the gist: Micah’s sister, Zoe, and her boyfriend Russ live in L.A.  We got some super cheap tickets on Alaska (thanks to a cancelled flight I took) and decided to go visit them. We took a Friday off and made the most of a 3 day weekend.  We flew in and hung out with Micah’s friend Dave and ate some doughnuts at the world famous Randy’s doughnuts.  I saw a show on good doughnut places a month or so earlier and knew I had to visit this place.  (Side note: is it doughnut…or donut?  Sorry, not important.)  We met up with Zoe and did some shopping and eating in Santa Monica – visiting not one, but two cupcake stores (my new favorite obsession).  They were delicious.  Went to an art gallery one night (it was really fun and super swanky), and the Laugh Factory for a comedy show, drove out to Malibu, walked around the UCLA campus (where Zoe goes to grad school), took advantage of numerous happy hour specials, and witnessed a disproportionate number of people wearing oversized sunglasses. 

Grade: A+ (great weather, great friends, great food and drink, and great doughnuts and cupcakes!)


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