Year In Review: St. John Trip

I’m probably making a major blogging faux pas by writing about events that happened a long time ago (well, not long long, but about a year ago). But I just started playing around with Picassa’s Picture Collage application – and it’s pretty cool. So I have been making some pic collages of fun events over the last year. And it would be quite random of me to just post the pics without any explanation. But I promise to keep it brief. Here I go:

St. John trip: December 7th – 15th 2007

Here’s the gist: Girls only trip – total of five of us from work.  Fly into St. Thomas, then take ferry to St. John. Our house, La Sirena (“the mermaid”) was on the opposite side of the island. So we drive our rental car there (note: in SJ you drive on the left side of the road, but the cars are no different – steering wheel is on the left side.  That took some getting used to).  House was A-MAZ-ING!  Weather was strange.  Burning hot sun one minute, then pouring rain the next, followed by burning sun.  Cat and mouse weather.  Oh yeah, and MASSIVELY stormy at night. We actually survived a tropical storm (I forget what they named it).  We lounged on the most beautiful bays, ate and drank, and drank, and drank.  Climbed Ram’s Head which gave us the most gorgeous views of the island and ocean. Got to see lots of goats and donkeys and geckos.  Took an awesome sailing trip at sunset.  Weird, never got motion sickness during the sail – but suffered from vertigo about a day later.

One more thing: Unfortunately, the first night of our trip, our friend Mary got into a bad fight with the hammock at the house.  She lost.  She broke her ankle in two places. But didn’t know it until she was back home and got X-rays. But it was very swollen during the trip…so she had to take it super easy.  We did get her some crutches and with her positive attitude, you’d never know she broke her ankle in two places.

Grade: A– (the minus is for the evil hammock and for three weeks of vertigo I came home with)


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