Year In Review: Birthday celebration part 1

My good buddy Mike’s bday is August 8th and mine is August 15th. So for the past three years now, Mike and I have celebrated our birthdays together. And they are always a fun time. First year: rented out VIP room at Tia Lou’s in Belltown and partied it up with our friends. Second year: rented out space at Venom in Belltown and partied it up with our friends. Now comes year three.

Lisa and Mike birthday celebration: August 9th, 2008

Here’s the gist:  Had dinner with some of our friends at Joey’s restaurant in downtown Bellevue.  The food and drinks were pretty good.  After dinner, we walked on over to The Parlor Room.  It’s half club, half bar, half billiards place – wait, that’s too many halves…I think you get the place.  At night, this place turns into a club and has a decent size dance floor and nice comfy lounge space.  I liked it.  (P.S. The only other time I’d been here is for happy hour, which is an excellent deal – food and drink specials.)  We had a fun time partying it up with our friends (what else woud you expect).  I brought along some mini-cupcakes from Cupcake Royale (second best cupcake place in Seattle – sorry, Trophy Cupcakes are better) – and most everyone seemed to enjoy them.  Around midnight, I was out on the dance floor with my girls and all of a sudden the lights and music went completely out.  Power = dead.  Hmm, that’s new to me (not the power going out, but the power going out while at a club and in the middle of dancing).  We waited for 10 minutes or so, and the power never came back on.  Good thing we all paid our tabs – so we decided that was the “Gods” from above intervening suggesting we call it a night.  So we did (but not without first grabbing the few remaining cupcakes to eat on my way home). 🙂

Grade: B+ (the power cutting short our fun is the reason I did not give an ‘A’)


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