Food filled weekend












Saturday: Started off with some stamping. Yes, stamping.  Went to my friend Regina’s place, and to celebrate her birthday she had a stamp party. We all made three different greeting cards. Someone will have to be pretty special to get one of my very special handmade cards. Oh, and I made these sticky buns to bring to the party.  They were delish. My first attempt making them (thanks to my friend Karen for the recipe).  I forgot to take a pic of the entire pan I made, but I managed to salvage one.  You will have to use your imagination to picture a whole of pan of ooey, gooey goodness.  I can provide the recipe if you feel like making some.

Later that day: Had our friends, Kellie and Guy, over for dinner. We had set up a station to make Vietnamese spring rolls – after showing them how to make them, we set them to work.  I have to admit, Micah made the dinner – I got to catch up and drink wine. Not a bad deal. Micah made us terriyaki salmon and stir fry veggies. And Kellie brought an awesome apple crisp. All delish and very filling of course.

Sunday: Breakfast with Tera and Brian (Micah stayed in bed) at Issaquah Cafe. So good!! We ordered the homemade cinnamon roll and raspberry scone, in addition to our “eggs-cellent” breakfast meal. 🙂  Went back to our house afterwards for some good Wii-playing (new Bomberman) and movie watching (Iron Man), followed by dinner at Maggiano’s (Italian food) in Bellevue.  We had really amazing appetizers and ordered way too much food.  But it was all quite good and gave us plenty of leftovers for this week. 

Can’t beat a weekend like that.  Good friends and good food.  Hmm…if only there was time for a good workout!


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