Prom 2008!


Me and two other work friends decided to throw a PROM – but way way way better than the proms we all had in high school.  And for several key reasons it was going to be better: 1) Open bar – yeah. No need to sneak in the booze, because we are going to provide it 2) Killer music – our awesome dj (yeah Katie) hand selected all the songs, only picking ones that got people moooovin on the dance floor 3) No awkwardness b/c people could dress as they wanted and didn’t have the pressure of going with dates and lastly 4) Open bar – yes, it was that crucial.

So after two months of careful planning (most of that being done in the last couple days leading up to the event), we had prom!!!  We found an awesome space to rent out complete with bar, dance floor, and disco ball.  We spruced it up a little with some prom decorations (hand made balloon arch being the most important).  We also had cupcakes, snacks, door prizes and awards for best dressed man and woman (aka Prom King and Queen).

So Saturday, the day of prom, our faithful prom committee came early to set up and make sure all was good. And then Micah and I rented a hotel room (cheap on priceline) for that night. We checked in early and just hung out.  Worked out in the hotel exercise room, ate lunch at Nordstrom Cafe, and I got a little makeover (just my eyes) at the makeup counter.  We fit in a nap somewhere there too.  Micah wore his suit, but with a tuxedo shirt and bowtie/cumberbund combo.  He looked quite James Bond.  I actually still happen to own my senior prom dress – and can fit into it still.  So of course, I was wearing that.  A little curling of the hair and last minute application of lip gloss – and we were set.  On to prom!

So prom lasted from 8pm to 2am.  There were 65 guests and they all started trickling in wearing all sorts of fun prom attire.  We had peeps donning horrendous 80s dresses and tuxes to cute cocktail dresses.  But it didn’t matter what people wore – we were all there to have fun and just let loose.  The music was awesome and people were dancing and singing along.  The hardcore few of us lasted the entire night, dancing almost the entire time.   We all had a blast.  Got to meet friends of friends, and see some of my co-workers out of their element (not saying that Prom dances are “my element” or anything).  🙂 

I think everyone had a great time – and many of us are appreciating Columbus Day on Monday – giving us bank employees another day of needed relax time. 🙂

Bad part of my story:  So unfortunately, I’m ending my posting on a sour note.  After Micah and I checked out of our hotel today (and we stayed until exactly check out time), we headed to our car, and were going to eat at Samurai Noodle in Intl’ District (tangent: if you haven’t eaten there, you should go.  It’s so delicious!)  Anyways, we parked our car about a 1/2 block away from the hotel – on a regular ol city street.  Well, once we got to my car, Micah noticed that the window on the driver’s side was totally smashed in.  There was shattered glass everywhere – inside and outside of the car.  WTF!  Not what we wanted to deal with at the moment. But we checked and nothing was stolen, not that there was much to steal – but I do have a mid-to-low end CD player/stereo they could have taken as well as a Magellan GPS device. But nope, nothing else out of the ordinary.  We did call the cops and they filed a report, but not much they can do.  And other than providing us with some plastic gloves and a plastic garbage bag thing – they weren’t much help in making my car driveable.  We had to clean up the glass well enough that we could sit down without little shards of glass cutting in our @sses.  So we drove it a couple miles to a Brown Bear car wash and used their super vac (which isn’t that super) and gave it our best attempt to clean up all the bits of glass.  Geez – glass ended up everywhere and I’m sure there’s a lot we couldn’t get to. But it’s driveable at least.  And in regardsd to getting it fixed, well, my insurance deductible is $500 – which is more than the price of a new window. But at least they connected me with a place that will replace my window at a reduced cost…about $200.  Not that I need an expense like that right now, but they can fix it tomorow.  Nice.

On the bright side:  At least it didn’t rain, nor was it raining, when my window was broken and when we were driving it home.  That really could have made the situation alot worse.

There ya go, prom 2008 – filled with fun, excitement, and of course drama.


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