A weekend of trying new things

Friday: After a very early start on happy hour with some work friends, a bunch of friends and friends of friends, met up for dinner at a new Japanese restaurant in Seattle.  It’s called Issian and it’s in the Wallingford area.  So my friend Katie – it’s her brother who works there, and she invited us all out to try out the food.  They do a different style of cooking there, using hot stones to cook the food.  It’s a traditional Japanese style of cooking, but rarely found in restaurants over here.  So of course, I wanted to try it out.  And we did!  We started off with lots of sake and Sapporo beers, followed by several courses of gyozas, sushi rolls, and my personal favorite JFC (Japanese Fried Chicken – not to be confused by the other one of course. 🙂 ).  We all had a great time eating and drinking and trying new foods.  I followed up my meal with a quick trip next door to Molly Moon’s Ice Cream shop – very tasty. 

Saturday:  After spending all day doing nothing but catching up on movies and watching college football, I had enough.  I accepted my friend Crystal’s invitation to go to a drag show.  My first one!  Well, the real reason of going was to watch her friend’s small comedy routine at the beginning.  It was at the Rendevous in Belltown.  I had never been to the bar before, and in the back of the bar there is a small theater, and that was where the drag show was.  I wasn’t sure what to expect…or really, what to wear.  But when I got to the bar, really, there were all sorts of people there – and nobody was dressed in drag.  (Only the actual entertainment did).  So the main event of the drag show was Lily Armani – a popular local drag queen.  She was really funny, and did a great imitation of Sarah Palin.  Most of the show was comprised of three different drag queens all dressed up and lip syncing to songs.  It was similar to what you might expect at a talent show – but for mature audiences only.  🙂  And there was also a singing group, who sang a couple of songs.  It was really quite entertaining, but I wouldn’t recommend it to people who get offended easily.  It was great to see my friend and to try something new.


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