Domestic diva

 This past week has been a bit slow at work.  And I decided to take advantage of this new time on my hands and try out some recipes I’ve wanted to for quite some time.  It’s been a fun and tasty week, but has resulted in quite a few dirty dishes (the downside of any cooking or baking).  Here’s a glimpse of my tasty tryouts:

Sunday: Made a pot roast; used alot of our organic veggies and had several days of leftovers.

Monday: Made chicken and veggie kabobs (actually, Micah was more responsible for this dinner than I).

Tuesday: Baked cream cheese chocolate chip cookies.  Saw this recipe in Oprah magazine – Dec 2007 issue.  But I’ve wanted to try them out, and the recipe is really easy.  Shared cookies with my colleages, and Micah’s colleagues.  I also made from scratch, Bolognese sauce and pasta.  This too came from Oprah magazine.  It was quite a bit of work, and it cooks for about 4 hours, but makes an incredibly rich, tasty sauce in the end.  Very good!

Wednesday: While surfing the net, I stumbled upon an awesome food blog called Foodaphilia  While the blog author resides in Philadelphia, the blog includes tons of very awesome sounding recipes.  Two of which I decided to try out the moment I saw them.  So I ended up on Wednesday baking two different tasty treats, and a dinner. 

1. Made chocolate chip, coconut blondies.  (Blondies are basically like brownies, but without the cocoa powder).  They were delish. 





2. Also made homemade “twix” bars (yes, like the candybar).  They were rich, but also delish.  And used Club crackers, layered with a homemade caramel sauce, layered with more crackers, more caramel and finally a thick layer of chocolate/butterscotch on top.  SO good! Below are the “before” and “after” pics.


As for dinner, made steak and roasted veggies.  Not too tough.  But Tera and Brian happened to be up at our place, so they had dinner with us, along with several bites of tasty treats.  And lots of Nintendo Wii playing too.

Thursday: We got in our organic veggie box, several stalks of kale.  Now, I don’t know what you do with kale, so I went online to find a tasty recipe.  I ended up making Toscana soup – it has sausage, potatoes, onions, kale, and garlic.  Along with chicken broth, water, and cream.  It was really good.  I paired it with some yummy garlic parmesan bread.  Quite tasty! 

Friday: Well, I haven’t made it yet, but I am going to make yet another dessert. But this is for the bachelorette party I’m attending tomorrow night.  I am bringing a dessert (of course!).  I’m most likely going to bake a really awesome cake (I’ve made it before) called “Is it really better than sex cake?”  It’s a recipe from one of my personal favorites, Paula Deen, from the food network.  It involves baking a regular yellow cake – using store bought mix.  You layer on top: a crushed pineapple/sugar mix, next is a layer of vanilla pudding, followed by a layer of whip cream, topped with toasted coconut.  It’s SOO good.  While the cake comes from a box, you’d never know it!  Plus, I thought the name of the cake was quite fitting for a bachelorette party. 🙂


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  1. 1 e November 22, 2008 at 5:16 pm

    Hi. I’m so happy you like reading Foodaphilia. I love writing it. That blondie recipe is one of my favorites. You’ll find you can totally mix up the add-ins to cater to different tastes. I just made a version yesterday that used a bag of dark chocolate chips and a bag of Heath Toffee Bits ‘O Brickle. They were chewy and caramely from the toffee and rich from the chocolate. Yummy.

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