Sugar high!

Now, if you look only a post or so earlier, you’ll notice that I’ve been in somewhat of a baking…mood?  I guess that works.  And with the coming of Halloween, I had no choice but to find some fun recipes and share a little of my baking energies. 

First up:  Vampire cupcakes
I cannot take credit for this idea – I found it on the blog: fabulous food blog, I might add).  The idea was too cute to pass up on.  So I embarked on making these (but simplifying quite a bit from the original recipe.  Seriously, why am I going to make a white cake from scratch when there are perfectly good store bought cake mixes that I can use?)  They were fun to make, a smidge messy and time-consuming, but I know my co-workers (at least those who show up to work on Friday) will enjoy. 


Tip on filling cupcakes: Now, you may not want to make these particular cupcakes, but you can pretty much adapt any cupcake recipe and fill them with yummy goodness (e.g. pudding, jellies, chocolate, etc.).  The easiest way I found to do this is as follows:
1. After the cupcakes are baked and cooled, take a knife and cut into the top part of the cupcake, slicing a small part of the very top of the cupcake off.  (Suggestion: don’t slice all the way through, you are essentially creating a small lid on the top of the cupcake)
2. Take the handle of a wooden spoon, dowel, etc. and poke a hole in the cupcake, right in the area where you just created the slice. 
3. Take your filling (ziploc bag with the corner tip cut off works perfect) and fill your cupcakes!!
4. Put the lid back in place. 
5. Careful when you frost – just make sure the lid is in place and you have enough frosting on the cupcake to cover up any evidence of the “surgery.” 
6. Enjoy!!  When others eat them, don’t tell them about the surprise – let them bite into it first!


Next treat:

I just finished making these delicious cake-ish cookies, called Pumpkin Whoopie Pies.  They are a Racheal Ray recipe.  But I first tried them on Tuesday of this week, as Allison brought some she had made into work. They were SOOO good.  I knew I MUST make them for the Halloween party this Friday.  So I got the recipe, and picked up the ingredients (which included borrowing spices from Allison – who wants to pay $6 for pumpkin pie spice – something I only plan to use for this recipe?).  Anyway, the recipe is super easy to make, and includes a delicious cream cheese frosting.  Learning from Allison’s experience (her cookies were huge), I instead used a small ice cream scooper, so that each cookie was a smaller shape.  You then put the cream cheese frosting on one cookie, and top it w/ the other.  They seriously are SOOO good.  Here is a link to the recipe: Pumpkin Whoopie Pies.  They are actually pretty fun to make.  I made a double batch – so I could also give some to Micah so he could share them w/ his co-workers.  Thank you Ms. Allison for the inspiration and not to mention the allspice and ground ginger 🙂

In closing…I have tasted and tried all the frostings, and mixes, and finished products.  I am definitely on a sugar high, which we all know turns into a sugar crash……………………………………………………………!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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