Apple Cup aka “CrApple Cup”

So Saturday was the 2008 Apple Cup – a meeting of Washington rivals – UW vs WSU.  However, UW and WSU are the 2nd to last, and 3rd to last WORST college football teams (Division I) in the country.  To put it bluntly, both schools not only suck…but they suck REALLY REALLY bad.  Hence the “CrApple” cup designation. 

Regardless, I’m still going to support my school.  Micah and I went to an Apple Cup party at our friends, Regina and Aaron’s house.  They were giving out gift cards at the end of each quarter based on the score at the end of the quarter.  We filled out this scoring grid – it’s complicated, so I’m not going to explain it. But it makes for watching the game fun – especially with some pretty sweet prizes on the line.  Here’s a breakdown of the game:

  • 1st quarter: Huskies are dominating – sort of.  They definitely are playing MUCH better than the Cougs.  However, the score remains 0-0 at the end of the 1st quarter.  Winner of a Jamba Juice gift card = Micah!!!
  • 2nd quarter: Huskies definitely are dominating now.  They score 10 points in this quarter.  Cougs score…0.  I’m heading into halftime feeling a bit low.  Score is 10-0 UW up.  Winner of a Red Robin gift card = Micah!!!  (However, the nice guy that he is…he gave the Jamba Juice prize to Aaron as a thank you for hosting).
  • 3rd quarter: WSU is finally getting some momentum and running the ball well.  We finally score a touchdown and things are looking up.  Score is now 10-7 with UW up by 3.  Winner of a Starbucks gift card is Regina, but she gives it away to her mom-in-law (she was quite surprised – see pic below). 
  • 4th quarter: This is where things got really exciting.  WSU scores a field goal in the last 2 seconds of the game!!  We go into overtime tied at 10-10.  No winner…(final gift card based on the final score).
  • OT: WSU goes first and we end up scoring a field goal.  So 10-13 WSU up.  But UW answers with a field goal too.  On to double overtime!!
  • OT #2: We stop UW from scoring…well, actually UW stopped themselves.  Their kicker missed.  And ours didn’t.  WSU wins!!!  SOOOO EXCITING!!  You’d think we’d won a bowl game or something based on how excited everyone was.   It was exhilarating and so much fun.  Go cougs!  Oh yeah, Regina was the final winner of the Best Buy gift card.  She (being a WSU alum) felt sorry for her brother (a UW alum) so she gave it to him.  Oh well…a WSU win is better than a Best Buy gift card!!!



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