The end is near

Today was an interesting day.  It was weird, sad, fun, depressing, and happy – yep, all of those things.  We had our annual…and final, department holiday party.  In previous years, this has always been a really fun and exciting day.  There’s always the fun of the Yankee Swap gift exchange.  And in year’s past, we usually go someplace fun – we did a cooking competition one year, or bowling and pool.  This year, since we are all getting laid off (granted some of us are getting laid off a few months from now) the mood was much different.  Not suggesting everyone should have been jubilant or anything like that – but it was just SO different from all the fun and laughs we’ve had before.  But we still made a good time of it.  I am still pretty sick, but I didn’t want to miss today, so I came and shared my germs with everyone.   We had a huge ol’ potluck with plenty of food.  And then the Yankee Swap – with plenty of stealing (the alcohol is always the first to go), followed by a series of team challenges and games, and then a slideshow (which normally is just the end of year slideshow, but not this time).  Major kudos to my friend and colleague Lisa (“the other lisa”) for putting it together.  It definitely reminded us all of all the great friends we’ve made and the great times we’ve had.  We all left a bit somber – but many headed towards the bar to change that around (I had to go back to work though).  It will be really hard to find another company or department that has as much feeling of family and fun like ours.  Major thumbs down to layoffs!


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