Holiday fun, sort of

I have been inundated with numerous cookie recipes – all of which I would love to bake.  However, that takes energy. I don’t have energy.  Also, people typically don’t want to eat your cookies if they know you’ve been sick like a dog for days.  But how sad…I love baking, and I love sharing my baked goods.  Instead, I resort to eating other people’s baked goods.  Can’t complain…but not quite the holiday festivities I am used to.

With Christmas upon us, comes the plethora of holiday parties.  Last Friday (thinking I was feeling better), I joined Micah for his work holiday party and gift exchange at Rock Bottom Brewery.  It was really nice to meet all of his co-workers, who were all really fun and great.  We dranks some beers, watched everyone open up their “Secret Snowmen” presents (they call it Snowmen, not Santa) and played some pool. 

On Saturday, we went to my friend Kellie and Guy’s house for their holiday get together.  Yummy -she made the most delicious appetizers.  However, I wasn’t feeling so great.  Earlier in the day, Micah’s friend, Ari, came up from San Fran for a short (6 hour) visit to Seattle.  We had to go see him, which meant freezing our butts off in Seattle weather.  But it was really fun to see him.  Back to the holiday party – this was a Yankee Swap style gift exchange.  I brought a set of Bare Minerals Diamond Lip Glosses and Micah brought a set of Origins Ginger Body Lotions.  However, our packages were small and measly compared to everyone elses.  Ours weren’t getting picked at all. After my present got stolen for the second time, I said…fine – and I picked my own.  All the ladies loved it, but it was too late – they couldn’t steal.  And one person was able to trade her present for the Origins lotion gift set and loved it.  They all wished they hadn’t  neglected the small packages.  (I’m sure there’s something to be learned here). 🙂

Sunday – I was supposed to have my friends Jessie and Katie over to decorate gingerbread (aka graham cracker) houses.  Unfortunately, it had snowed all night and the roads were icy and treacherous.  So that’s getting postponed.  Good thing – I was so sick anyway!

Upcoming – this Friday, Micah and I are joining Karen and her friend for their KPMG work holiday party.  Apparently it’s quite swanky.  I have yet to find a clutch to go with my black cocktail dress. 

Xmas – Since we aren’t going home this year for Xmas (Micah has no time off), we are instead of having crab dinner at our house, inviting our friends over.  It won’t be the same as if we were at our Uncle’s house, but it will be fun nonetheless.

So busy busy busy – no wonder I’m sick.  And haven’t even started thinking about New years eve festivities.  Yikes!


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