Still sick…

So I have been sick for 9 days straight.  Just the normal cold/flu variety. But as I lay in bed, I figure I should finally give a Mexico trip update.

Overall: Micah and I had an AMAZING time. The weather was sunny and hot (upper 80s everyday).  The food was delicious (aside from this Asian restaurant), the people were so friendly, and we made a lot of friends with all the other wedding guests.  It was the quintessential R&R sort of trip.  And oddly enough, no traveling mishaps – which is quite a feat for Micah and myself.

A bit more specific:  We flew down on Tuesday the 2nd (this is after 5 days with Micah’s family).  A direct flight is the way to go.  After negotiating the chaos of shuttles, taxis, vans, etc. at the airport, we managed to get a SUV to take 5 of us to the resort.  We were greeted with drinks upon check-in (awesome!).  Unfortunately, all the food areas were closed, with the exception of the Sports Bar.  It had leftover hotdogs, hamburgers, and fruit.  All of it pretty horrible.  But we met up with the others, started the free drinking (all-inclusive is the way to go!) and danced it up at the “disco” at the resort.  A ton of fun.

Rinse and repeat:  Most of the days there followed this format:

  • Wake up around 9am or 10am and go to breakfast buffet (yum)
  • Immediately go to pool or beach and lounge for a bit, play water volleyball, lounge, swim, lounge, play cards
  • Go to lunch buffet (really yum) – I always ended lunch with a soft serve ice cream cone – so tasty
  • More lounging at beach, with more cards
  • Workout (yes, glad to say I worked out 4 of the 6 days I was there – either in the actual gym or running on the beach)
  • More lounge
  • Naptime in room, shower and get dressed for night festivities
  • Dinner (either at buffet or at one of the nicer restaurants)
  • Drinking and dancing (one night we did go into town and hit the actual clubs)
  • Crash

The actual wedding was on Friday.  It was so beautiful and so much fun.  From the ceremony, to the dinner, to the reception following – it was perfect! 

The trip home (again, a direct flight) was crucial.  However, like I said earlier, I got sick – and could not rest that week because of work.  Micah and I will definitely go again sometime – but it’s important to go with alot of people – that is what made it the most fun. 

Here is a ton of different collage pics – so you can get the jist of our wonderful vacation and wedding of our friends, Michelle and Eugene.





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