Movies to watch – that I only recently heard about

Ok – I don’t have the best track record when it comes to recommending good movies.  Apparently my tastes, don’t always sync up nicely with those of my friends.  BUT….nonetheless, I am going forward in recommending two movies that I recently watched (both movies I watched via Netflix Instant Viewer – gotta love that feature).  And I HIGHLY recommend them both.

1. The Dead Girl (2006) – Yeah, had no idea it came out two, almost three years ago. My apologies to those have seen it and feel reading my recommendation is a waste of their time.  Sorry – I don’t watch movies all that often…but I’m trying to get better at that.

Anyways…I’m not here to tell what the plot is and such, but I just want to tell people to watch it.  If you liked Crash and generally enjoy movies where there are these individual storylines that somehow all come together – then I think you will like this movie.  It’s a bit on the disturbing/depressing side (it is afterall called The Dead Girl) – but I tend to like movies like that (not saying I don’t like happy, fun movies either).  At least read about it online…and then decide.


2. Priceless (2006) – Geez, another two to three year old movie. 

Now, this one is a foreign film – French to be exact.  So it has subtitles!!!  (I know some people really hate not being told that ahead of time).  This movie stars the very popular French actress, Audrey Tautou (think Amelie).  Love her!!  Anyways, this is not depressing at all – it’s a comedy/romance.  It’s wacky and funny – I really enjoyed watching and reading this movie 🙂 




3. Okay – just for fun – throwing another good word out there for Slumdog Millionaire.  It’s still currently in the theaters (limited release) and I bet it will start playing in more theaters after the Awards hoopla hits.  Great movie!!  It too is a foreign film – but from India (and no…it’s not Bollywood at all!)  Note: I recommended this movie to a coworker friend – she went and saw it, and said after “the best movie I have seen in years.”


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