2009 happenings – at least a couple days worth

New Years Eve: (Technically a 2008 event) – All I can say is we had a great time, despite Micah and I not actually attending the Indulgence Bash we had paid $50 to attend that night.  But the time spent with our friends getting ready at the hotel (prior to the event) and the time spent with friends after THEY got back from the event – was hilarious and memorable.  If you are wondering whey we didn’t go – well…it’s as simple as…Micah fell on his face.  When that usually happens-and you don’t catch yourself (I’ll leave it up to you to figure out why he didn’t catch himself when falling…or why he was falling in the first place), your face doesn’t really like that.  Needless to say, Micah was in no condition to attend the bash – and I couldn’t leave him alone on New Year’s Eve…so we both went to sleep-and woke up in 2009.

New Years Day: Absolutely nothing eventful – other than fully realizing the extent of damage to Micah’s face.  We were in 100% recovery mode that day.

Friday: Had a wonderful lunch with my colleagues (I guess ex-colleagues) Katie and Deborah.  Got to catch up with the both of them and FINALLY see Deborah’s apartment in Ballard and meet her two adorable dogs.  We ended up talking for hours – love when you get lost in conversation like that!

Later that night…met up with my basketball girls in Bellevue.  It was fun – got to catch up and see how everyone was doing.  Next season of bball starts in late January!


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