Sun…to come

It has all come together, and strangely, it has all come together so quickly and so seamlessly.  Hmm…should I be worried?

Wait, let’s back up a second…when I found out Tera was pregnant, I was of course happy and all that good stuff.  However, I wanted to plan a “Sisters Getaway” trip – knowing that once she has the baby, things naturally will never be the same.  Note: She has graciously invited me to “join the club” – but I have graciously rejected that invite.  🙂  No thank you.

So…I kept hassling her about when she wanted to go (definitely 2nd trimester according to the research I had done online.  Side note: apparently that’s when pregnancy is “enjoyable.”) And where she wanted to go.  She gave me very little to go on besides “someplace warm.”  Naturally, I thought of places like Hawaii, Florida, S. Cal, and Arizona.  I, personally, would go right back to Mexico in a heartbeat – but being able to freely drink water without hesitation – that was an “unspoken” rule of this trip. 

Finally….after a bit more pleading for her to pick a place – she decided upon Arizona.  So naturally, I emailed my friend Nicole who lives down there – to see if she had some suggestions for us of where to stay, things to do, etc.  And she offered up her condo for us to stay in (she rents it out to vacationers)!  I was very excited!  I’ve been to her condo before, and it’s nice, big, and has a private pool.  Perfect!  And the weekend we want to go just happened to be available.  Perfect!  And we get to visit her and her boyfriend when we are down there.  Perfect!  And it’s going to be warm and sunny.  Perfect!

Final details…we leave on Tera’s birthday (1/23) and fly home on Monday evening (1/26).  I now need to research fun things to do, and most importantly, good eats down there! 

Thank you Nicole!!!!


1 Response to “Sun…to come”

  1. 1 Mom January 9, 2009 at 4:36 am

    Yaaaa, to you two girls!!!Have a great time and put in some pool time for me… Love 🙂

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