Blue skies comin’ at me

I’m very excited – this Friday, Tera and I leave for Phoenix for our Sister’s Getaway!!  Well, technically we are going to Scottsdale, but close enough.  Currently the forecast shows for highs in the upper 70s!  And since it’s very arid down there, I think it’ll feel warmer. 

It will be VERY nice to leave the cold and get some sun!  I’ve already mapped out a bunch of restaurants – so whatever our mood, we know of some good places to go.  This will be a very relaxed vacay – we don’t have very much planned for our 4 days there.  Here’s a rough idea of our schedule:

Friday (also Tera’s birthday): Arrive at 11am, pick up rental car, go eat someplace yummy, meet Nicole to pick up keys, relax at condo, pool time (if warm and sunny)

Saturday: Possibly go check out Phoenix (perhaps, the botanical gardens), or go hiking, eat someplace yummy, relax, meet Nicole and Jim for dinner at their house

Sunday: Go to the spa!  Followed by Sunday brunch someplace yummy!  Possibly do a little shopping or go to the Sunday market

Monday: More relaxation and pool time, possibly a hike nearby, eat someplace yummy, leave at 3pm for Seattle

I must remember to bring my GPS device.  I am directionally-challenged.  However, I actually have managed to get very lost using the GPS. 

Once back home, Tuesday is Micah’s birthday!


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