“The baby loves Arizona!”

Finally, I am getting around to blogging about Tera and my “Sister’s Getaway” weekend in Arizona last weekend.  We both…well, with baby…we ALL had a great time!  It was a perfect vacation: sunny, warm (would have liked it a tad bit hotter), relaxing, and got to do some of our favorite things…including EATING!

Here’s a breakdown of our days:

Day 1:  After an easy flight in, we picked up the rental car and were to our first stop: In-N-Out Burgers.  Tera’s first time. And it was good!!  Walked around old town Scottsdale for a bit and then picked up the keys from Nicole. We lounged around her very nice condo and managed to squeak in a workout too.  Got ready and headed to Phoenix for some authentic Mexican food.  Eventually landed at Cafe’ Barrio and after a fairly hefty wait, we were ravenously hungry!  The food was pretty good, but not quite authentic (at least I don’t think so) because there was goat cheese on so many of the dishes.  We managed to do our best to eat around it.  Then finished off the night at a Scottsdale favorite locale, The Sugar Bowl, for some amazing ice cream sundaes.  YUM!

Day 1

Side note: Thank god for the GPS device!  It was a lifesaver.  I brought Micah’s new netbook down with me (essentially a mini-laptop computer), but apparently it decided to die on the trip down.  That sorta sucked. But the GPS helped us get around, even when we didn’t know the address prior.  VERY VERY handy!

Day 2:  Started off the morning with a nice hike. Went to Pinnacle Peak – about 4 miles round trip.  It was very pretty and you got to see TONS of different types of cactus. After the hike, we were ready for breakfast.  I read about The Good Egg, a favorite breakfast joint (according to many online sites).  I didn’t realize it was a chain down there…meaning, there were 14 different locations.  Apparently, we decided to go to the farthest one from us.  About an hour later, we finally were eating breakfast. It was an awesome breakfast – thank god!  And throughout the rest of our trip, we spotted at least 5 Good Egg locations – all of them 20 minutes or less from us.  Nice.

After breakfast we picked up some Sprinkles cupcakes (trendy cupcake place) for dessert at Nicole and Jim’s place (having dinner at their house that night).  Tera went and got a pedicure so her feet would look nice.  And off to Nicole and Jim’s for dinner.  It was a really fun night. They made us a delicious dinner, and then we played games all night long with the whole family…and the kids went absolutely crazy over the cupcakes. 

Day 2

Day 3: Spa time! Just minutes from us was the spa – where Tera was to get her very first massage! Granted, it was a pregnancy massage – which means it is super wussy – but she enjoyed it immensely.  I got a hot stone massage – hadn’t done that type before.  Hmmm…when they mean “hot”, they mean “hot!”  It felt good most of the time…but some of the stones felt like they were burning me….and that did not feel good.  But overall, a very relaxing, fun spa experience!

Headed to the Dragonfly Cafe for brunch.  It was one of the best meals we had down there.  We shared some Sonoran Hash (aka…YUMMY GOODNESS) and some french toast.  Heaven!

Did some shopping down at Fashion Square and then ate (another first for Tera) some GELATO!  Yum…I love gelato.  With the hot day, it was perfect!  After, we even got to get some pool time in back at the condo.  Relaxing and nice.

Day 3 - Day

A quick little cat nap, and shower, and we were on our way to the Botanical Gardens in Phoenix.  We were told to go at night (yes, counterintuitive since it’s dark).  The Chihuly glass exhibit was going on, and it’s much prettier to view at night. So we didn’t get to see much of the real plant life, but we did see the most amazing Chilhuly pieces ever.  Now, since we live in Seattle – you see Chihuly stuff quite frequently.  I’ve been to the Tacoma Glass Museum and his stuff is everywhere.  But the pieces at the exhibit were just crazy!  Notice the “Golden Rod” glass piece – hmmm…it’s supposed to be a cactus. Right.

Went to Humble Pie after and shared a very interesting prosciutto, pear, and arugula salad. And we ate (both our first times) cannolis.  Yum!

Day 3 - Night

Day 4: Time to leave. We cleaned up the condo and ate really delicious bagels and cream cheese (thousand times better than store bought).  Dropped off the keys and said our “goodbyes” and then what else…drove around a bit and got one last meal in before heading to the airport. 

It was FREEZING when we got back to Seattle. And there was actually snow on the ground the next morning.  A very rude awakening!


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  1. 1 jessie February 1, 2009 at 12:16 am

    Your blog makes me hungry 🙂

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