The good, the bad, the busy

My past few days have had split personalities – they have been good, and bad, and of course, busy.  Let’s start with…


THE GOOD: Got to see nearly all of my Research co-workers at the final farewell happy hour.  It was SO great to see everyone and speak fondly of the good memories together.  (And of course, speak harshly towards the bad ones). 
BAD:  I happened to start off this happy hour with a “few” (ahem…4) shots of tequila with my fellow WSU alumni.  (With WSU winning Apple Cup this past year, the UW folks had to buy and serve us tequila as part of the bet).  My head hurt well into the next day.  
BUSY: Had to stay late the night before to finish up some work, so that we could start our festivities on time…that being 2 in the afternoon.


THE GOOD:  Micah just finished up a week long training session (training classes every day).  It was a success, and so I joined him and his fellow project members for a well-deserved happy hour.  It’s nice to meet more of his co-workers and get to know them a bit better.  He knows nearly all of my co-workers very well (perhaps due in part to the vast amounts of happy hours we had). 
BAD: Spent the earlier part of the day with a nice headache (see Thursday). 
BUSY:  In between waiting on approval on work stuff, I was cleaning out cubes of my co-workers who apparently didn’t clean them all the way out. Fun.  I found alot of crap…alot of useless crap.


THE GOOD:  Got to finally see my friend Karen (who’s been holed up in Barrow, Alaska for weeks for work) and finally got to meet her boyfriend.  She planned a surprise birthday party for him up at Tulalip Casino.  I actually played blackjack and for the most part, knew what I was doing (and didn’t get yelled at by other players for making dumb moves).   I did pretty well..only lost $45, for about 2 hours worth of playing.  Let’s not talk about Micah’s losses.
BAD: Micah’s losses; super far drive to and from casino
BUSY: Spent the earlier part of the day running errands and doing laundry, and making these amazingly delicious peanut butter cupcakes (for the Superbowl party).  They were a three step process, and required using the freezer in between steps.  They aren’t a ton of work, just require alot of total time.


THE GOOD:  Superbowl Sunday!!!  Spent the entire day and well into the night at our friend’s Anthony and Tarah’s house.  They had a ton of people over to watch the game (many of the ladies went upstairs and did some arts and crafts).  There was alot of yummy food, a great game, and good hang out time.  Very fun!  My cupcakes were a hit!
BAD: Well, I eventually decided I wanted Arizona to win…and they didn’t. 
BUSY:  Wanted to sleep in, but had to get up early to make another delicious appetizer for the party: spam musubis.  They sound gross, and they have spam in them…but it’s a Hawaiian snack – and OH SO YUMMY!!   They were a huge hit at the party.  (The key is: you can’t tell people it’s spam until after they try it)


1 Response to “The good, the bad, the busy”

  1. 1 sparklingallison February 3, 2009 at 2:42 pm

    FOUR tequila shots? Wow, I’m sorry I missed that happy hour for sure! (Not the impending headache though.) 🙂

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