Another chocolate-y, sugary day

Earlier this week, I met up with my friends (and now ex-coworkers) Deborah and Katie for some yummy lunch and delicious conversation (is that possible?)  We had some amazing savory-style crepes (pronounced “krep” not “craype”) at the cutest little restaurant in Ballard (Anita’s Crepes).  We of course had to follow that up with some tasty cupcakes at Cupcake Royale. 

And what do you know?  Valentine’s Day just happens to be right around the corner…which is the only time of the year Cupcake Royale makes their “Death by Chocolate” cupcake…which just happens to be on Seattle Magazines Best Dessert list.  Naturally, I ordered one ASAP!  But I decided to wait and eat it at home and instead ate their flavor of the month cupcake “caramel with sea salt” YUMM-Y!  It was damn good.  It’s not on the best dessert list, but it should be.

So I manage to wait until Thursday night to eat my Death by Chocolate cupcake.  I had just played a good hour of basketball right before that, so it only made sense to replenish my depleted energy.  Well, it was good…but just “eh” sort of good.  Was a little disappointed, but I managed to “choke” it down…every last crumb. 🙂

Now it’s Friday.  A fairly slow day here at work.  And very brrr outside.  I’ve actually been spending the past couple of hours fiddling with my new Blackberry Pearl phone.  (That deserves another posting all on its own).  With all the hard work I’ve put into today, I decided to eat some more…chocolate. I walk over to Dahlia Bakery and get the “Chocolate Truffle cookie” and the “Chocolate Pecan Butter Crunch” cookie.  I am told they are both on the Best Desserts list. 

I am back to my desk…I  have eaten both cookies already (no judging)…and I come to find out, only the truffle cookie is on the list!  I was duped!  So…I can only cross one cookie off.  Ironically, the non-listed cookie…was actually better (way better) than the listed cookie. Perhaps I should rethink my plan of sticking to the best dessert list.  Nah, I think I’ll go fiddle with my phone some more.  Desserts #13 and 14…CHECK!


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