Snow, sick, silence, sitcom?

I like alliteration. 

Snow: Monday and Tuesday…it snowed.  And I no longer possess a windshield scraper (as my sister currently has it in her truck), so I had to scrape and brush off snow from my car using a long-handled umbrella.  Not quite as effective as my windshield scraper.  But it makes more sense this time of year to have an umbrella in my car…than a snowscraper.  Brrr and grr…enough of this white stuff!

Sick:  Went to work Monday morning, and immediately went back home.  I was sick!  I realized, I actually seem to get fairly sick around this time of year…a pattern that has stuck for at least 3 or 4 years.  Some sort of stomach situation (see…the alliteration again).  I’ve stayed home now for 3 days, not able to eat much and not getting much sleep because my stomachache keeps me awake at night and…

Silence: Yeah right!  The construction craze continues (ahh..can’t stop).  Our townhouse has all new windows, but they are currently working on re-siding our unit – which means loud, continuous hammering sounds from 8am to 4pm.  Even with ear plugs, I can’t sleep during this…they are literally hammering just a few feet from me (outside of course).  I am TIRED!

Sitcom:  Since I can’t sleep while I’m staying home sick, I have decided to start watching 30 Rock via Netflix instant viewer.  I am starting with season 1.  I wanted to see what all the talk and award hype is all about. 

I have watched the entire first season…in one day.  On to season 2!  Love it (the sitcom that is…not being sick). 🙂


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