Hakuna Matata

Just saw The Lion King play last night (Micah’s birthday present).  It’s currently running at The Paramount until March 15th. 

It was SOOO GOOD!!!  It’s lives up to all the praise and hype that I’ve read about and heard from others who have seen it: amazing costumes, powerful singing and dancing, fun and exciting! 

Very interesting to see how they weaved elements of the cartoon version onto the stage.  And of course, it’s fun to hear all the good songs you remember from the cartoon (“Just can’t wait to be king,” “Hakuna matata,” “Circle of Life”…etc.)

This is the 4th “musical” I have seen with Micah…and I’m not one to really like musicals.  But come on…a Disney cartoon…how can you resist? 🙂

In addition to watching the play, we had dinner at Palisades Restaurant on Elliot Bay.  On Saturdays, if you eat dinner before 5pm (6pm the other days) you can order from the “First Seating” menu.  It gives you a choice of appetizer, entree, dessert, and a beverage (tea, coffee, soft drink) for $32.  Pretty much like Seattle’s “30 for $30” promotions they run.  Micah and I both did this and had exceptionally delicious meals.  There are other participating Seattle restaurants with “First Seating” menus – I think it’s a great way to experience an expensive restaurant with half the cost.


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