Moving abroad – Step 1

Ok, so Micah and I have worked out a very very rough timeline to help us make some progress towards moving abroad…or at the very least, thinking about moving abroad.

There are lots of steps, but the first one is…figure out where WE want to go.

So for the next few weeks, Micah and I will both be doing our own separate research on countries of interest.  Any country can be put into the “pot” for consideration…but we have always been interested in Puerto Rico, Australia, and New Zealand – so we are starting our research there.

Our “homework” for this week – to be discussed this coming Sunday – is to do our research for Puerto Rico (it’s first because it was randomly drawn from little bits of paper).  We each will research what we think is important to know for ourselves about each country…and then discuss. 

I may come up with some sort of rating system, so we can more easily review the countries when it comes time to picking one.

Next week: Australia, followed by New Zealand

P.S.  We are actually meeting with a realtor friend on Sunday evening – JUST to talk about options, timing, things we should update/fix around the house.  We have determined that if we move, we will sell.

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