Unofficially…yes, we are selling the house!

Met with Sheley (our super awesome realtor) on Sunday evening.  She perused our house and felt that everything was in good shape and we didn’t need to make any changes.  And she helped explain what’s going on (if that’s even possible to explain) in the housing market right now, and what’s expected to happen in the next few years.

Basically, Micah and I have come to a decision to sell the house…NOW!  Instead of waiting until July, we are just going to do it sooner so that we can maximize what we can get from the house.  Our plan was to sell the house regardless.

So, the new updated plan.  Put the house on the market soon (as in the next couple of weeks).  Sheley is so awesome…she’ll come in with her team and give pricing suggestions. She’ll have cleaners come in and deep clean the house.  She’ll have a professional stager come in and make the house look amazing.  She’ll have professional photos taken.  And hopefully, we can sell quickly and for full listing price.

Once we have an offer, we’ll find an apartment in Seattle and just get a 6 month lease.  (We’ve started some preliminary apartment searching now – and it’s so exciting to think of living in the city for a little bit).

Tonight, we took a full inventory of our house and all our “stuff.”  Some furniture and items we’ll need for the apartment, some we’ll keep in storage, and most we’ll sell or give to charity.  If we can swing it, we are going to try and hold a garage sale.  We have a lot to sell, and it would be much easier than posting every individual item on craigslist (been there, done that).

I have mixed feelings about all of this.  I’m really excited, but also a little sad about the idea of leaving my house.  I’ve been here for 5 years…it really is home to me and a place I really love.  But…change is good and is something I’m obviously looking for too.

Alright…I’ll keep you posted on the big sale!! (Cross fingers!!)


1 Response to “Unofficially…yes, we are selling the house!”

  1. 1 Allison March 12, 2009 at 6:07 pm

    Exciting changes for you guys! Good luck with it all!!

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