A real life Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Okay, not quite…but I did go to the chocolate tour at Theo Chocolate in Fremont.  It was SO much fun!!!

I went with my ex-work friends: Sara, Renita, and Valerie.  The tour is $6 and totally worth it!  You get lots of samples of different flavors and types of chocolate.  They also give you the history of their factory and you learn how chocolate is made.  With a natural love of chocolate, I of course, was fascinated!  Even the dark chocolate they make tasted good – and I’ve always been a milk chocolate kind of girl.

Theo’s is a fair-trade, 100% organic chocolate maker.  They use small community farmers in S. America and Africa.  And Theo’s is one of a minority of chocolate makers in the U.S. that make their own chocolate from start to finish (roasting the cacao beans, grinding, etc. etc.).  Really cool.  They are super creative with a lot of unique and interesting flavors of chocolate bars and confectionals (aka truffle like things).  YUM.


I highly recommend going on the tour.  Warning: you HAVE to wear the hairnet.  Yes, a totally hot look right now.

Another warning: You may end up spending copious amount of money on chocolate at the end of the tour.  :-)  Happy sweets!


P.S. Two of Theo’s Chocolates are on Seattle Magazine’s Best Dessert list: Earl Grey Tea Ganache and the Peanut Butter and Jelly ‘truffle’.’  So…another two desserts I can cross off the list!


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