Have you ever…

…been crapped on by a bird?  I have discovered one minor thing about living in Greenlake that is really not cool.  There is a lot of bird crap around here.  And I am constantly witnessing (by my eyes or my ears) bird droppings bombing down from the sky.  Most of the time it just splatters on the ground where fortunately, there’s no one below. 

However, while sitting on a bench with my friend at Greenlake the other day, enjoying a little Starbucks, just chatting away, I felt something slimy, wet, and gross hit the side of my head.  I didn’t want to believe it, but I knew I had just been bird bombed.  I asked my friend to confirm…and it was true.  I was disgusted.  Luckily, only a little bit got me.  My friend offered her extra shirt to wipe up the carnage.  Some even got in my ear.  Now…that’s pretty gross. 

Let this be a warning.  This could easily happen to you.  I’m on the lookout now!  Which isn’t as easy as it seems because with the massive conglomerations of dogs around this area, you have to be on the lookout for that as well.

Hmm…bird crap in your hair, or dog doo doo stuck in your shoes….I really can’t say which is worse.  Happy walking!


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