No job, but plenty to do

It’s 8:20 in the morning and I’ve been up for an hour.  And I’m not even working!  Sadly, with Micah still needing to go to work – I tend to just get up when he does.

Here are a few updates:

House sale: All is on track.  The inspection came back great – only three fairly minor things to address.  Now waiting for appraisal results – and hopefully an early closing.  Yay!!!

Unemployment: It’s still pretty nice.  No complaints here.  Encountered a minor issue when trying to make my first claim, but “easily” fixed (after 20 minutes on hold with the Unemployment office). 

Teaching English in Korea: Micah and I have gone over the instructions and looked over our options of the different cities/provinces we can choose to teach in (we have to choose three).  Starting today – we are going to tackle the monster list of requirements.  First up, passport photos (although we already have passports) and a criminal record check (gotta go to the Seattle Police Dept). 

Friend stuff: Have a jam packed weekend ahead of me.  Although I’m a little anti-zoo (really…I’m very anti-circus, but still weary of zoos), I’m going to the Woodland Park Zoo this Saturday.  It may be the last time I see my dear friend Deborah before she moves to California.  After that, run up to Pearls & Lace in Burien to meet my friend Martha to see her wedding dress (I’m her maid of honor – and she’s getting married in June 2010.  She’s quite on top of everything).  After that, head over to Safeco Field to catch the Mariner’s game and celebrate the bday of my friend and basketball teammate, Savanah.  And Sunday, Micah and I are helping my realtor, Sheley, move from a one bedroom apartment to a three-bedroom house.  She and her fiance’ have A LOT of stuff.  A LOT. 

Hawaii: I leave for Hawaii on Tuesday and Micah on Thursday.  We both return Sunday 4/26.  Don’t be fooled…this is no vacation!  We are hired labor for his mom.  There is plenty of work to be done in her home (painting, moving, cleaning, organizing, etc.)  All I ask is a few hours of beach time and some yummy food too.

1 Response to “No job, but plenty to do”

  1. 1 Dave April 16, 2009 at 2:10 am

    Sounds busy and fun…good luck helping Shelley move and blame Eric for my not being there – the whole golf thing you know. I bet you’re going to realize how easy you and micah were to move. 🙂

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