HGTV – The Hawaii episode

My six day trip (Micah had four days) to Hawaii was no vacation – it was hard and exhausting work (as I had expected but was hoping would not be true). 

The setup:  Micah and I volunteered to spend a few days in Hawaii to help his mom fix up her house, specifically two bedrooms and a bathroom.  They were in desperate need of some paint, cleaning, and organization.  And his mom was also putting in new carpet, so we wanted the rooms to look good.

Day 1:  I got into Honolulu around 1pm and once I got to the house, I assessed how much work there was going to be…and it was a lot.  I started with one of the bedrooms and moved boxes, organized some of the stuff, and cleared out as much of the room as possible.  All the big furniture I had to move to the middle so I could paint around it.  I also had to do a ton of cleaning: the walls, the base trim, the windows, etc.  That alone was quite a bit of work.  Ended the day with a late night visit to Home Depot to buy 3 gallons of paint – in a nice sand color.


Hawaii - House renovation


Zoe's room

Day 2: Still just me.  I got an early start and primed both bedrooms.  However, the flower wallpaper still showed through, so I had to do a second coat.  FYI: Using oil-based paint is messy and hard to wash off.  Also got rid of a bunch of her stuff (thank you Craigslist) and…made another visit to Home Depot – to CHANGE the paint color.  We did a test patch, and we didn’t like it.  Thankfully, the Home Depot guy was cool and took all our paint back and exchanged for a different color.  Spent 6 hours (up until 3am) painting the rooms…and most of that was trim work alone.  I realized it was going to take two full coats of paint :-(  This was the most exhausting day.

Day 3: Got up early and finished painting one of the bedrooms.  But then it was time to pick up Micah from the airport (yay!!!).  We made a stop at the hardware store  on the way home to pick up more supplies to fix the bathroom.  I was SOOO happy he was there!  We went straight to work: I finished painting the second bedroom while he worked on the bathroom.  Then, he and I moved all the upstairs furniture so the carpet could be installed the next morning.  We also got rid of this big, old, metal bunk bed.  Again, exhausted.  But, we did make a small trip to Nordstrom to do some shopping (ala Micah’s discount) 🙂

Day 4: Got up early (do I detect a pattern) and made a trip to the hardware store (do I detect another pattern) to get more supplies.  While the carpet guys were installing the carpet, we worked on other parts of the house.  We did manage to escape for 2 hours to go to the beach.  Ahh…it was so nice.  I was so beat, that I just slept the whole time.  We got home and the new carpet looked soo good, but had to move all that same furniture (we just moved) so they could finish carpeting that bedroom.  More heavy lifting (but at least we had a friend helping this time)

Day 5: Got up early and completed work in the bathroom (cleaning, installing towel bars, new trim, painting, etc).  Made a trip to Goodwill and another trip to the hardware store (5 days in a row).  And once the carpet work was all complete, we had to start distributing the furniture to the right rooms.  Also, bought a really nice full-size bed off Craigslist and had to get a friend to help us pick that up.  Finished organizing and decorating one of the bedrooms, and escaped for 1.5 hours to the beach (critical).  Went to dinner with his dad and his new wife that night and got to spend a few hours out with Micah’s friends. 

Day 6: We really only had about 4 hours of work time since we were flying out that afternoon.  We had to haul ass and organize/decorate the second bedroom, clean, put back tools, and finish any last minute jobs.  We made a quick shopping trip to buy a mirror, new pillows and a lamp.  We were literally running from room to room to finish everything up before we left. 

The results: It was a lot of work, but everything turned out great.  His mom was very appreciative.  We were exhausted, but it was worth it to see the great results.  Oh..and creme-filled malasadas from Leonard’s Bakery doesn’t hurt either. 🙂

Only got pics of the bedroom transformations…not the zillion other things we did. 


1st bed - after


Zoe - after

And most importantly…my yummy malasadas!!!



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