Bah-ston bonanza

Alright…got back from our 5 day trip to Boston last night.  We had a fabulous time!  It’s a very clean and beautiful city, easy to get around on the train, and lots to eat.  Plus, crazy amounts of colleges and universities everywhere…not to mention history and architecture everywhere you turn. 

Here’s a breakdown of our trip:

Wednesday: Micah’s friend, Scott, picks us up and we ride the T-line (train) to Boston’s North End.  Pick up some yummy cannoli’s in the Italian area and eat seafood at the Barking Crab. 


Thursday: Ride the Duck tour! Freezing!!!  Met up with my friend Keith and toured the Harvard campus.  Had our interviews for South Korea (another post on that later) and played cards all night with Scott and Ari (he flew in that day from San Fran).

Boston 2

Friday: Warm and sunny all day – awesome! More cannoli’s and walked part of the Freedom Trail (think Paul Revere)Unfortunately, the U.S.S. Constitution is under renovation, so we opted out of the tour.  Rode the water taxi (really fun), visited Chinatown and Boston Common and then played cards all night again.

Boston 3

Saturday: Drove up through New Hampshire to Maine. Ate delicious lobster rolls, did some shopping, and ate more seafood, including Whoopie Pies (quite popular out there).  FREEZING weather.  Didn’t get to see any lighthouses, but a fun day trip still.  Played cards all night.

Boston 4

Sunday: Fly back home.  :-(  We had a wonderful time!!


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