Reading insanity

twilight.png twilight saga image by vitamin-girl-haha

I’m not sure why, but I decided to keep reading the rest of the books in the Twilight series.  Now, the first book I really didn’t like much.  The majority of my book club loved it though.  They continued on to the other books way long ago…while I resisted.

However, a few of my friends just recently got into the series and are hooked.  I think more out of curiosity, I decided I would at least read the 2nd book, New Moon. 

Again, not really that good – but a quick read. 

For the third book, Eclipse, my friend lent me her copy.  It’s well over 600 pages (big print though).  I was about half way through and realized we’d be leaving for Boston the next day.  I thought I was close enough where I’d finish reading it on the plane (but be left without another book – which I wanted to avoid). And I didn’t want to pack two huge hardcover books. 

So…I decided to stay up for however long it would take, and read the rest of Eclipse.  That way, I could read the fourth book, Breaking Dawn, on the Boston trip.  Well, I underestimated how long it would take to finish it.  I was SO tired but I kept getting closer and closer to the finish – I couldn’t stop now. 

I did eventually finish the book (3 hours of straight reading), and in enough time to get exactly 2 hours of sleep before having to get up and catch our flight.  Of course, I was SO exhausted that I barely touched the fourth book.

The really weird thing is: I still don’t like the series all that much.  However, I’ve invested so much time, that I’m willing to keep reading to see what happens.  But really, I think the plots are really cheesy (acknowledging they are written for tweens), and the writing is just ok.  Hard to believe, I know.

Ok – enough blogging…gotta get back to reading.  🙂


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