Update: On to the next stage for teaching English in Korea

Micah and I had our interviews with the EPIK people (the public school program) on Thursday.  The woman we interviewed with was calling from S. Korea.  It was difficult to hear and understand her, but we both managed.  We were to hear in 2 to 3 business days if we were going to be moving on – but we actually found out the next day that we were.  Yay!

What now?

Had to sign a sample school contract and fax it to the recruiting firm.  I think they want you to sign it saying you understand what is really being asked of you.  The actual contract will be pretty much the same thing – but won’t be sent until we have an official offer.

Had to compile all of those documents we were collecting in the past month and half and send them to S. Korea.  They are very particular and specific about how the documents should look, what order they are in, etc.  Must be followed to a tea.

If all the paperwork looks good, we will be sent our official contracts.  This should include the province we will be working in (and hopefully some guarantee of shared housing). 

Then on to applying for our E2-Visa’s from the Korean Consulate.

We probably won’t know anything more for at least a couple of weeks.  But, likely we will both be getting offer letters.  It’s more a matter of making sure we get shared housing.  And we don’t know a specific time frame yet either. 

But there’s the latest!  Obviously, a lot of things to do in the meantime to prepare….yikes!

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