Diapers galore!

My sister and brother-in-law decided they wanted to use cloth diapers for Isabella.  However, these suckers are expensive if you buy them.  Instead, they chose to make their own.  Apparently there is plenty of instruction to be found on YouTube and such. 

Round 1: They made a decent amount of small and large diapers.  But they got TORE UP when washed.  Need to retool.  Oh yeah, each diaper is a good 30 min of work to make (at least in my estimation – but I’m not much of a seamstress either).

Round 2: Spent most of Wednesday and part of Thursday this week making 17 small cloth diapers.  They did all the cutting of the fabric and I came down and did the majority of the sewing.  But…we made some improvements to the stitching and the construction of the diaper.  We made two of them, washed and dried them (yes…very smart) and the results were good.  Only 15 more to make.  By the time I left their house, we had 90% of them finished.

Round 3: To come.  All the large size diapers I worked on last week, as well as the ones Tera sewed too – well, they need to be unstitched and built the heavy duty way.  Fortunately, little Isabella won’t need that size for a while.  Even more fortunately, my mom is coming over in a couple weeks.  🙂

Here is a new pic of Isabella (featured in a store bought cloth diaper – ours don’t look that good yet).

DSC00085 DSC00093


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