Dog walking and wedding planning

NO!  I’m not getting married.  Figured I should state that upfront. 🙂

Since I’m not currently “working” – I apparently have decided to fill my day doing work for friends (but the kind where you don’t get paid).

Dog walking:  Three days a week, I head over to Rory and Jessica’s condo in lower Queen Anne and walk Riley (my former pup).  Since they both work, it’s good for Riley to get some exercise and breakup the long, hot days.  However…Riley has a few issues.  1) Other dogs – he goes crazy when he sees or gets near them 2) Squirrels – a little less crazy, but crazy 3) Crows – same as squirrels 4) Bicycles – bleh.

DSCN0804 This all makes for an interesting, and sometimes not-so-fun walk.  So, Rory and Jessica have agreed to a few private dog training lessons focused on making Riley less anxious and stressed on walks.  Our first lesson is tonight!  And since I’m walking him so much, I am going to the training lesson too.  I can’t wait!  Riley is such a cute and generally happy, chill dog – but uh…he can switch to “devil dog” mode and that is not fun.


Wedding planning:  My now good friend, Sheley (who is also selling my house) is getting married on Aug. 30th.  She has a ridiculous work schedule.  She’s a great agent, always putting clients first.  But because of this, she’s finding she’s running out of time to get wedding things done. 

So…my friend Lisa (and former work teammate) and I have volunteered our services.  Neither of us have wedding planning experience, but we have excellent project management experience – and no job.  Lisa and Lisa at your service!

We had our first meeting last night over wine and apps.  We took copious notes about what Sheley wanted for her wedding, all the details, scheduling, etc.  And we made lists and “to-dos” of things to research, to shop for, etc.  It was a successful first meeting – and Sheley is ecstatic and in disbelief that we really are helping her. 

This week: shopping for vintage glass centerpieces and candy dishes, candle holders, lanterns, linens, checking out the wedding/reception space, and cupcake testing (yay).  Phew…


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