Updates and lack of updates

Hey all, let’s start with updates.  I have recently crammed my once time-surplused days with…1) dog walking/training and 2) wedding planning 3) running.

Dog walker/trainer:  The professional training lesson we had for Riley (over a week ago) is working well so far.  It’s a lot to handle now when I take Riley for walks (leash and clicker in one hand, treats ready to go in the other hand, plus…always on the lookout for birds, dogs, squirrels, etc.)  It’s actually a bit exhausting, but I’m already seeing some improvement – so it’s worth it.  When I’m out with him, (I think because I have all this “gear” on me), people think I’m a professional dog trainer.  Move over Caesar Milan aka The Dog Whisperer.

Wedding planner:  This has actually taken up a considerable amount of time over the course of the week.  We met three times…to plan, to shop, to check out the wedding venue (and cupcake testing – woo hoo!)  Plus, my own individual time of scouting out garage sales and thrift stores for centerpieces that will fit the theme/decor of the wedding.  And lots of online research and phone calls to check prices for this and that.  Check out this awesome red vase – it’s perfect as a centerpiece to hold flowers.  Oh, and I got it for $.50 at a garage sale as we were leaving the Fremont Summer Solstice on Sat!!

red vase

Seattle Rock n’ Roll 1/2 Marathon:  It’s this Saturday!  This week is nice.  No long runs (just a few short runs), lots of water (no alcohol for me), and carb loading (easy – I do that even when I’m not racing). 🙂 I’m a little curious as to how fast I could run this if I were doing it solo, but I’m being a good friend (and pacer) and want Aaron to meet his goal time!

Moving to South Korea:  Oh yeah….that thing.  Here comes, the lack of update.  So far…nothing, nada.  Were told we would get official offers in “late” June – and I guess we aren’t in that part of the month yet.  Nothing more to share there.

My house:  Oh yeah…that thing.  Well, it’s up and down, up and down with my house.  It’s not even on the market, but I keep getting offers on the house (yay).  But…all those offers fall through for one reason or another (nay).  I’ve learned really to be non-reactive to all of this.  I would be riddled with stress and anxiety if I got all caught up in everything.  I’m confident something good will come out of this.

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