Happy birthday Ryan…oh, and America too!

July 4th is my brother, Ryan’s, birthday.  It’s always been a festive affair – (most people don’t get huge fireworks celebrations on their birthday).  Micah and I decided to stay here for the weekend (as we’ll be heading over next weekend instead.  It’s becoming quite the balancing act to see our friends and family in time before our potential move). 

But we definitely maximized and hung out with many of our good friends. 

Friday:  Dinner at Karen and Josh’s condo.  Followed by Karen and I running in Seattle’s Firecracker 5000.  It’s a 3.1 mile race that starts right before midnight on July 3rd…and by the time you finish, it’s July 4th.  It was fun…one does not normally get to run on the downtown streets and mess up traffic.  Oh, and our souvenir t-shirt…glows in the dark! DSCN1097

Saturday:  Coincidentally, had to get up early in the morning to go run a friend’s dog (as opposed to walking her).  And later in the afternoon, our friends showed up to our rooftop deck to BBQ, drink, play games, lounge, and all that other good stuff.  The weather was hot (and by hot…I mean awesome) and we stayed there all night and watched what we could of the fireworks show (which was very little).  :-( 

4th of July

Sunday:  A day off to rest and relax!  Oh, and eat delicious all-you-can-eat Korean BBQ.  I’m stuffed.  Yay…Micah worked Friday, so he’s taking tomorrow off instead!


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