So although we don’t officially officially know if we’ll be moving to South Korea, or more importantly when…we feel it probably is going to happen.  With that said, I am going to start learning some Korean.  Nothing fancy, no private lessons…just a book, CD, and lots of free Korean websites. 

My goal is to spend 1 hour a day towards learning Korean.  That can’t be that bad, right?  Technically, I start this tomorrow…but I was killing some time today (coincidentally, before heading out to eat Korean BBQ) and decided to get a head start.

So, kamsahamnida is Korean for “thank you.”  It’s pronounced more like, “kam-sah-am-nida” where it’s split up a little bit. 

I am starting with a very fun, cute Korean language site.  GenkiKorean.com has lots of easy little games you play to learn the language.  It’s almost as if it were made for kids (which is perfect for me!).  They don’t phonetically spell out any words for you in Korean…rather, you listen and repeat, listen and repeat.  I spent about 20 minutes today on this site and learned “thank you,” “please,” and how to say a variety of foods: jelly, ice cream, donut, eggs, lettuce, cheese, and banana.  Admittedly, some of these foods you pronounce nearly the same in English as you do in Korean…but still, learning is learning.  🙂

I hope to get the alphabet down (reading and pronunciation), numbers, and some of the basics (e.g. bathroom, help, lost, etc.)  Since Micah is still working, I’m doing this on my own – and he’ll learn when/what he can.


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