Day 6: Korean language lessons

Since I was back home in Deer Park Friday-Sunday, I didn’t have time to do my lessons (so I’m really only on day 6).

I have surprised myself and have been quite committed to my daily Korean lessons.  I’m still just using free online sites at this point – there’s plenty to learn!  The hard part is that not all the sites provide audio samples of how to pronounce the words OR the way some site pronounces a word is slightly different than another site.  Nonetheless, I am plugging away.  This site has been really good (although it doesn’t include audio samples)

Here’s where my Korean ability is thus far:

  • I can speak (slowly and not very well) all the “jamos” of the hangul (alphabet), as well as write each character
  • I can speak (limited) both Korean number systems (there are two systems).  In one number set, I can count up to 100.  But only up to 19 in the other way. 
    NOTE: When saying the time of day, the hours are said in one number system, and the minutes are said in the second counting system.  Aye yay yay.
  • I can speak all seven days of the week
  • I can say “thank you,” “please,” “sorry,” “yes,” “no” and I can ask “where is the bathroom?” 🙂

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