Meter mix-up

In the coming days, I will be receiving an unexpected $500+ from Puget Sound Energy.  Why?  Well, for the past 5 years I’ve had my townhouse, I recently uncovered that they have been charging me for my neighbor’s energy use (and he has been paying for mine).

HOWEVER…he has a wife and child, while for the most part – it’s just been me…or Micah and me. 

A little background…I’ve ALWAYS thought my energy bills were ridiculously high.  In the wintertime, I would put off as long as possible even turning on the heat – and when I eventually would cave…I had my timed thermostat set to 65 degrees max!  It was freezing in the house, but my bill remained high (sometimes reaching $280 per month).  Even being gone for a week or two for vacations would never put a dent in my bill.

Solving the mystery…I had called Puget Sound Energy in the past asking for a meter audit – but was told that my bill was quite “normal” and that everyone’s energy bills are higher.  But when we moved to Seattle, the townhouse remained unoccupied.  My bills should be ALOT cheaper right?  Well, they really weren’t.  In fact, as I dug deeper – my actual energy consumption for June 2009 was HIGHER than June 2008.  WHAT?!!  I immediately called PSE and asked again for a meter audit.  Ta-da!  Problem solved.  Sort of…they only will only go back three years.


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