Lost count: Korean language lessons

I’ve been REALLY busy the past few days and wasn’t able to get my Korean language lessons in (so I’ve lost count as to what day I’m on).  But I do try to at least go over the alphabet and numbers in my head so that I don’t forget them.  It’s incredibly easy to forget things when you are learning a new language.

Today, I just learned how to write my name in Korean.  It’s pretty easy actually.  L – I – S – A translates into four Korean letters as well – and is spelled exactly as it sounds.  

The 1st character (that looks like a ‘2’) represents the ‘L’ sound (it also can represent an ‘R’ sound too).  The 2nd character is a vowel and is pronounced ‘eee.’  The 3rd character is the ‘S’ sound and 4th one another vowel, which is the ‘ah’ sound.


This is “MICAH” in Korean.  (More like Meecah as it is spelled here).

For fun, you can use this website to translate your own name into Korean. http://www.chinese-tools.com/names/korean

In addition to our names, I’ve learned to say “what is your name?” and “pleased to meet you.”  As well as “hello, my name is Lisa Rooney” (annyeong haseyo jeoneun Rooney Lisa-ieyo”).  Fun! And hard too!


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