Playing is better than packing

I’m not gonna lie – moving sucks.  So, to balance out the packing/moving, I need some play time too. 

Friday: Micah and I, as well as a few other friends, headed out to catch the Mariner’s game that night.  The game was horrendous (we lost horribly) but we did score free Franklin Gutierrez bobbleheads.  If you don’t know who he is, just know he plays centerfield – and he’s pretty hot. 


Saturday:  The Ballard Seafood Festival was this past weekend.  So I tried to gather some friends to go, but in the end, it was just me and my old colleague Steve (aka Scraig).  It was super hot out, but alot of fun.  We got to catch up with each other, and enjoy a few beers and some yummy seafood.  Below is Anita’s Crepes (a Ballard favorite).  I’m posing with the sign b/c my dear friend Deborah introduced me to this place – and since she’s moved, she can no longer enjoy it.  😦


Sunday:  Moving day!  Well sort of.  We packed up and moved the last few remaining pieces of furniture from the townhouse.  In perfect timing, Micah’s friends just moved to Seattle and are renting a house for a year.  They need furniture.  We just happen to have the furniture they need.  AND…it saves us much needed room in our storage unit.  Yay!


After moving, I went bridesmaid dress shopping for Martha’s wedding.  Although I won’t be needing a dress (won’t be able to make it back for her wedding next June), I did want to provide moral support.  Picked out a super cute dress that I think the other girls liked as well.  Easy peazy.

Lastly, Micah and I went out to Woodinville to have dinner with his co-worker Jen.  She made us an amazing dinner (I made the dessert), and we just sat around eating and drinking.  Oh, and playing the piano.  She busted out some tunes for us.  And lo and behold, I learn that Micah used to take piano lessons when he was really young.  He still sorta knows how to play “The Entertainer.”  It was quite cute to watch him try to remember it. 



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