Unfortunate side effects of moving far far away

Aside from not seeing my friends and family, being familiar with my surroundings, or understanding the language…there are a few other aspects of living abroad that are not ideal.

I have some good friends that are having babies!  For each, it is their first.  And since I now have all this practice with my nieces and nephew…I really am going to miss not being there in person to hold and see the little guys or girls when they are newborn.  They’ll likely be crawling by the time I see them in person again – crazy!

Also, I cannot be in my very good friend, Martha’s wedding – and I’m her maid of honor!  I verified if I was going to be able to get the time off…and was told, “you better go to South Korea after the wedding if you want to go to the wedding.”  Yikes!  Martha was VERY understanding when I told her I wasn’t going to be able to fulfill my maid of honor duties – but it still makes me sad.  But I wanted to do something really special for her before I left.  So I went and got her 1) bridal shower gift 2) bachelorette gift and 3) wedding gift – and gave them all to her at once.  She loved them!  I used pink and black to wrap the gifts (her wedding colors) and made each one as meaningful as possible.

  • Bridal shower gift:  Hotel Collection towels (since it’s for her shower…get it?)  hee hee-I love being punny like that!
  • Bachelorette party gift:  Let’s just say I got some “appropriate” stuff 😉
  • Wedding gift: A toaster (since I won’t be there to ‘toast’ her and her fiance’ Jim on the wedding day).  I also gave her a gift card to Macy’s too.



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