Remaining days…

Micah’s last day at Nordstrom was this past Tuesday!!  We’ve been using the rest of the week to buckle down and get some major packing and moving accomplished.  But first a little break (an overnight stay at Tera’s house).  Ironically (I think), we all went out to eat Korean BBQ for dinner that night (Tera’s new fave type of food)


With only THREE days until we fly to Hawaii, we are pretty good to go.  ALL the major furniture – and anything requiring a moving truck – is in our storage unit.  All that’s really left in the apartment is an air mattress, our luggage (that we are taking of course), TV, and a few misc items.  We still have to clean, but since we only lived here for 4.5 months – it’s not bad. 

There are, however, quite a few details to attend to.  Addresses to change (we are using an online mail scanning service called Earth Class Mail), bills to pay, house closing, insurance to cancel, friends to see, etc. etc.  STILL LOTS GOING ON!

Did have a very fun and relaxing night with our friend Sheley and Isak (the couple getting married that I’ve been helping plan their wedding).  As a special thank you, they took Micah and I out to an amazing dinner in Seattle.  Considering we have ZERO food left in our kitchen…we really really LOVED it. 🙂



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