Tentative Hawaii/Korea itinerary

So, alot of people have been asking when we are leaving, what we are doing, etc. etc.  Here is a simple breakdown…and one what will likely change as the days go on.

Monday: Clean apartment, final packing, see a few friends, stay with my friend Karen, somehow make everything magically fit into our bags and not go over the 50lb limit (please, please, please).

Tuesday 8/11: Fly to Honolulu to see some of Micah’s family and friends and for some much needed R & R.

  • Thursday & Friday: For my birthday, Micah is taking me to Maui for a 2 day, one night stay.  Of the numerous times I’ve been to Hawaii, it’s always been to Oahu.  Not complaining, but I’ve wanted to see another island.  Yay!

Saturday 8/15: My birthday!  I’m turning 29, which I’m fine with…but I realized I’ll be turning the big 30 in Korea.  (Micah will too…and in January).

Tuesday 8/18: Fly to Incheon airport (Seoul) in South Korea.  We have a non-stop flight.  11 hours of flying and when we land, it will be Wednesday 8/19 at 5pm.

After getting our luggage, we will find our EPIK peeps and board a bus for 4 hours to Jeonju University.


Thursday 8/21: We start 9 days of orientation.  We’ll get a little cultural training, learn about lesson plans and curriculum, take a medical assessment, and more or less meet other teachers and become adjusted to our very different surroundings.  An important part of orientation will come on our 2nd to last day – we learn what school and age we each will be teaching and if Micah and I will even get shared housing.  We also meet the principal for the school at which you will be teaching. 

jeonju map

Friday 8/28: Last day of orientation.  Every teacher gets loaded onto their respective buses and off we go to our cities and living locales.  I believe you get the weekend to get your apartment in order, breathe, and start work on Monday!

All of this is subject to change (well hopefully not too much).  One thing that has been stressed to us through this entire process of living/working in Korea is to go with the flow!  Things change all the time, and the easier you can be okay with that and be flexible, the happier you will be.


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