Appliance heaven in the sky

So, I experienced my first appliance casualty today (sniff sniff)….my American-bought hair straightener.  I knew there was some “rule” about what voltage level can be used in Korea, but thus far…I’ve had no problems with my laptop, iPod, and digital camera.  (We’ve only needed to use an adapter so that the American prongs can fit in the Korean outlets).  So without investigating further on this “rule” – I just went for it and plugged in my hair straightener.  POW, ZIP, POP!! – as soon as I plugged it in, it sort of exploded and actually caught on fire for a brief second.  Can  you say “T-O-A-S-T?”

This motivated Micah and I to 1) find a store to buy a voltage convertor and new hair straightener (as well as a few other supplies) and 2) figure out this “rule.”

Lotte Marts are all over Korea and are kind of like a Super Wal-Mart.  Lotte Mart sells groceries, clothes, sporting goods, electronics – including TVs and hair straighteners!  Oh, and they actually stock quite a few American products.

new hair straightner

We ended up leaving Lotte Mart with:

1. Wrapping paper – to wrap the gifts we brought from home to give to our Korean co-teacher and school principal.  Wrapping gifts is a must.

2. Bug spray!!  There’s LOTS of mosquitoes here and I am like an all-you-can-eat buffet for them.  They love me and I have at least 15 bites to prove it!

3. Scotch tape – see item #1

4. A voltage convertor – to prevent future unnecessary appliance destruction.  The convertor should allow appliances to be able to handle Korea’s 220v standard.  (US voltage standard is 110v).

5. Scissors – see item #1

6. HAIR STRAIGHTENER!  This was hard to choose.  They had at least 8 to choose from.

Oh yeah, ironically…my (now dead) hair straightener was made in Korea.  🙂


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