Day 8: EPIK orientation (Learning lessons)

The last full day of orientation.  A chance for each team to present their lesson plan and get feedback from the "pros.”  AND the all important, finding out where/what grade we will be teaching. 

Lesson plan presentation:  There were about 10 groups in our class.  Micah’s team won the prize for best lesson plan (and each member won a 10,000 won calling card).  My team, however, was a close second place.  It seemed fairly easy to present the lesson, so hopefully that’s a good sign for things to come.

lesson plans

School placement:  Ah, the moment of truth.  I was given a map of Daegu, with an ‘X’ placed around the area where my school is located,  and the name of my school…written in Korean.  We were able to figure out the following:

Micah is teaching middle school (7th, 8th, 9th grades)

I am teaching elementary school (3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th grades)

And…our schools are closely located to each other.  Yay!!  And…we were told we did have shared housing.  An even bigger yay!!  We were only told our apartment will be “around” where our schools are, but we won’t know exactly where until we are dropped off.

Closing ceremonies:  We were treated to some AMAZING traditional Korean performances.  Three of them were drumming performances (that were SO cool) and three were dancing performances.  I liked a little of both…but the drummers were by far the most impressive. 


Last night out:  Of course, we all had to celebrate since it was the last time most of us would see each other.  We’d be leaving the comforts of orientation very soon – time to have fun, and say goodbye.  We hung out with our friend Seung Kyoung one last time too!

last night out


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