Back online baby!

So, since we are “foreigners” in this country – it’s not easy getting things like a cell phone, bank account, and internet.  Many of our fellow EPIK friends lucked out and had co-teachers who co-signed for them and was able to get internet within their first week of being in Daegu.  However…Micah and I are both at schools where this is their first time hosting a Native English Teacher (i.e. our teachers don’t know they can help us out like this – and we’re not comfortable asking them).

But alas, we finally have internet at home.  No more waiting until we get to school to see what is going on with the world.

We can hopefully Skype now with people.  I say “hopefully” because the time difference is a little problematic.  An ideal time for people on Pacific Coast Time is when we are at work. And the ideal time for us to Skype is when most people are asleep.  But I’m sure we’ll work something out.

Anyways…had to share the exciting news!  Ahh…all the news and blogs to catch up on!  What’s this I hear about Taylor Swift and Kanye West?  Hmm…must go investigate. :-) 


1 Response to “Back online baby!”

  1. 1 Valerie September 16, 2009 at 6:57 pm

    After you youtube the Taylor Swift & Kanye video, check out the spoof with Kanye & Obama! 🙂

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