Meet my co-teachers!

This past Friday, there was a welcome buffet dinner for all EPIK teachers (even the ones who have been here for a few years) and we were allowed to invite guests.  I didn’t think my co-teachers would want to go…but they said “yes.” 

So it was here that I could finally get a picture of my co-teachers.  (Side note: They don’t seem to really like getting their picture taken – so they were good sports to let me take theirs).


From left to right: Minju (I teach 3rd and 6th grade with her), Hanna (she’s not a co-teacher, but she’s the music teacher and she used to teach English class), and Seunghui (she’s my main co-teacher and I teach 4th and 5th grade classes with her).  I share an office with all of these ladies and it’s so fun. 

Look how cute they are!!

Additionally, all three of us ladies were able to meet Seunghui’s fiance’, Mike.  He’s an EPIK teacher too and is from Canada (but he’s been teaching for a couple years now).  They just got engaged a couple of weeks ago.  The two make a very cute couple.


I am really lucky to have three teachers that I get along with really well, and can all speak English quite good too (although they don’t think they can).

Next Monday (we have the day off), we are all having lunch at Hanna’s house…and I’m teaching them how to bake.  She actually owns an oven.  But now…finding the ingredients to bake something like chocolate chip cookies will be a huge challenge.  These types of things are not normally found in stores over here (I know…I’ve checked at least 5 different places now).


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