Zoe and Seoul

Last weekend, Micah and I headed on the fast-speed train to Seoul.  Micah’s sister, Zoe, flew over from Japan and met us there.  We had a fab time – our first time exploring this huge huge city.  Here are the highlights:


  • The train from Daegu to Seoul is awesome.  Less than 2 hours and 41,000 won (pretty cheap). 
  • Our hotel was awesome too!  Kudos to Micah for planning all that.  It was a huge room, two beds, two bathrooms, two tv’s even.  We were a little spoiled and ALOT envious (we would love to transplant that room to our place in Daegu).
  • Explored that night a little bit.  Ate some Korean BBQ, played cards, and talked.



  • Walked to Deoksugung Palace and watched the “changing of the guard” ceremony there.
  • Hopped on the Seoul City Tour Bus (the kind where you can get on and off at as many stops as you want throughout the day)
  • Meandered through Itaewon (where all the foreigners go).  There were more foreigners there than Koreans – and all the Koreans spoke very good English.  This part of the city has numerous American stores and brands (e.g. Nike, McDonalds, Cold Stone Creamery, Crocs, Outback Steakhouse, etc.).  You could easily live “in” Korea but not really feel like it if you hang out in this part of the city.
  • We hopped on the bus for some more stops (can’t remember all the names).  Ate some lunch and met up with one of Zoe’s friends from grad school who lives in Korea.  Gon Jin – he was very nice and showed us around his great city.
  • Got to watch a Taekkyeon (a Korean martial arts) competition.  It was really cool.
  • Went to Bangsan Market (I had to! It’s where all the baking supplies are sold).  Walked to Insadong (lots of arts and crafts), and then Gon Jin took us to an amazing traditional Korean dinner.  It was about 8 or so courses…and very delicious.  We even had our own private room. 




  • Walked to Namdaemoon Market – a huge open market in Seoul.  There are endless shops – many selling knockoff purses, shoes, socks, etc.  It was fun to walk around but didn’t buy anything there.
  • Did some more walking around and went into stores we wanted to. 
  • Had to catch the train back to Daegu at 5pm. 


There are way way way more things to do in Seoul.  We will definitely go back and tackle more things…only so much you can do in a weekend!


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