Gwangju Gang

A couple weekends ago, Micah and I took a trip to Gwangju to visit some of our friends we made during EPIK orientation.  Unfortunately, our Korean language classes are every Saturday from 11am-1pm.  (And the classes move FAST so it’s not very wise to miss class).  So we decided to only go for overnight.

After class, we headed to the bus station and took an ~$18 bus ride to Gwangju.  The buses are pretty nice – thank god – since the trip was 3.5 hours long.

gwangju map

We got into Gwangju around 6pm and our friends Naomi and Vann (from Seattle also) met us at the bus station. We took a cab back to their apartment and chilled for a little bit. Then off to meet up with more of our friends in downtown Gwangju – dinner, drinks, more drinks, and dancing.


It was great to see everyone: Billy, Carlo, Mechel, and Kyle.  We had a delicious Korean BBQ dinner, then proceeded to be stupid and each took turns eating the spiciest green pepper ever. Our mouths were on fire.  Interestingly, sometimes restaurants offer complimentary ice cream cones – perhaps, to counter the awful effects of stupidity.  But Micah found the ice cream first, made himself a decent size cone, leaving the rest of us to fight over the tiny bit of ice cream left.

DSCN2231 lisa ice cream

After dinner, headed to a German Bar…yeah, I know – weird. But it was fun. We got to play some card games (ok fine, yes, drinking games).


Then we headed to some other bar for food and drinks.  Although we had just eaten, many bars in Korean (aka “HOFS”) make you order food if you plan on drinking at their establishment.  But first a quick pit stop to buy some headbands b/c who doesn’t need more headbands.

gwangju cheers

Somehow, we ended the night dancing for a few hours at some random dance club. It was fun – a mix of American hip-hop and Korean music.  But SOOOO tired when we left.  Grabbed some snacks and then big time crashed once we got back to Naomi and Vann’s apartment.

late night

Slept in the next morning, grabbed some lunch, ate some Red Mango (YUMMY!) and then off to catch the bus back to Daegu.  A great weekend!!

gwangju sunday


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