Happy Hollywood!

Saturday was Halloween!!  On Friday, Micah and I both dressed up for school.  We decided to go as Korean high school students – complete with uniform, glasses, silly socks, and most importantly – a face mask. 


  • FYI: Koreans don’t celebrate Halloween.  Many students knew a little bit about it, but usually just the candy part.  I did hear of a few students who were going to celebrate, so the culture around this holiday is starting to slowly slowly change.

In addition to all my lessons being Halloween-related for the week, I also told my students (you know, the 600+ of them) that I’d give them a piece of candy on Friday if they said “trick-or-treat” to me.  Oh god, what a nightmare.  By Wednesday, I was already REALLY regretting making that promise.

I stockpiled a TON of candy for Friday – and let the madness ensue.  The best way I can describe the scene: It’s like this one piece of candy was the last thing these kids were ever going to eat…ever.  Life or death here. 

I tried taking some pictures, but the students were all over me and that bag of candy.  So to protect my life, I had to put the camera down so both hands were free.  At one point, I even had to RUNAWAY and hide in a classroom. 

SAM_0072 SAM_0073 

We didn’t forget about the teachers either.  Micah and I had made these cute little pumpkin cutouts with a fun-size candy bar attached to it, to give to our teachers.  I gave one to my vice-principal and said “Happy Halloween” (he speaks very very little English).  Later, I was told that he was going around school saying “Happy Hollywood.” 🙂


1 Response to “Happy Hollywood!”

  1. 1 Roz L-M November 7, 2009 at 2:06 am

    That is so cute! I can kind of see the Halloween dress-up and Hollywood connection, even if the vice-principal didn’t know what he was saying! Your outfits look oh so cute, too. Are the kids still making those sideways peace signs? Roz

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